Thursday, December 27, 2012

Go Ahead

Thursday, December 27, 2012
Hello Fellas!
I'm coming..
CHRISTMAS two days ago.. How did it went? Good? Uhm.. For mine, I think.. I dont have any good words for it and my holiday.. It all goes so badly.
You know, everything goes crazy, bored, anything goes bad. Can you even think for having a dozen of homework(s) for holiday??.. What did the teachers thought? We're human too.. We need a long long long HOLIDAY. a REAL HOLIDAY.. NO! WE REALLY NEED A VACATION! HAPPINESS! FREEDOM! See?

See what I have to do in this freaking crazy holiday:
1. Bahasa homework: to Make a Foreign Affixes Dictionary (It's crazy)
2. Bahasa homework (Group): to Make a Project Papers
3. Religion homework: to write Arabic and the meaning of them.
4. TOEFL homework: 8 pages! (So messed me up)
5. Chemistry homework (Group): to Make a Presentation Project about Gasoline, etc.
6. Chemistry homework (Group): Practicum
7. Physics homework (Group): to Make any Experimental things, about Heat, Dynamic Electrical, and Optic Equipment.  (SEE?)

Oh God! Please.. We deserve a HOLIDAY.. and those HOLY-Crap homework(s)! Stop thinking like we're robots who can do anything they ask easily and perfectly, and anything done, completely.
Please stop it, I'm so sick of all those words, too much PRESSURE they give (or they just do never realize?). They always want us to be perfect. Like:

"Look! They're much better than you all guys. You're acceleration students! Cant you just take a deep breath, look in the mirror and think about what you've done? YOU SHOULD BE DO SOMETHING MUCH BETTER THAN THEM! You have to get any courses. See, you scores is so bad. I'm not satisfied of all you've done. You're doing anything so bad. THINK!"
Oh! They treat us like a shit. Oh please. I dont mean to say that bad word. But I'm so sick and tired of anything.

So, I take a second in my room, watching the clock, and.. start to think.. I take my diary book, and write a poems.. Words by words in my mind, I start to write with a black ink-pen.. The things in my mind was about anything that can makes me GO AHEAD and ignore those bulls. You know, I hate PRESSURE. I hate being anyone else I dont want to. I hate acting like someone they want me to. Because I think I deserve anything much better with my choices. Not theirs.

by: Yovie Kusuma

Life is hard
Life is cruel
But dont be coward
Be firm in your dream as a prequel

Go burn the morning moisture
Take the first step for the adventure
To learn some new cultures
For your golden future

Go ahead.. 
and Release your fears
Hurricane, typhoon or other dreads
Passed it.. Even it needs a thousand years

Go ahead..
Let the other feel the rain
But you.. Be an egghead
Let you to just get wet but not vain

Go ahead..
and Tidy up your uniform
There will be a rainbow after the storm
or the sun will instead

Go ahead..
Dont wait for the perfect zone
Or you'll never get anything done
Trust it, it does not overload

Ignore your brain, cause it screams:
But, follow you heart, cause it whispers:

You know, sometimes.. the hardest thing to pass is.. you own parents. Sometimes, what they want is the thing that we never want to be in your future. You know, that all you ever do is just nothing but find a perfect corner with a little light, and crying. I know, it happens to me. I dont know. Because, they're the people I love the most, but I really dont want to lose their hopes by saying that I dont want to be what they want me to be. I have another choice, but they said no. It just soo complicated.