Friday, March 22, 2013

We're Teenagers

Friday, March 22, 2013
So I just did surfing. and Found a .. something that really umm... touch my heart? Yeah. Ah no. Probably that's the best word I can say, but it supposed to be more than that. It makes me realize something. something that.. Oh. I dont know. I dont even know. No.

Just, read and think.

We're teenagers. We're still learning. and Shit happens.
We cheat. We lie. We criticize. and We fight over stupid things.
We fall in love. and End up getting hurt.
We're bitches. Bitches. Bitch.
We bitch about being bitches being bitches. 
We party till dawn. and Drink till we pass out.  
We hate people for no reason. We call each other name.
We stay up late and having deep conversation. or Stay up late just to think.
We go out and and have a kick ass time with our friends and those will be the memories. 
One day that's going to all pass. 
You can waste your time focusing on all the bad things. but One day you're gonna wish you were still a teenager. 
So make the most of what you have now.
Forget all the bullshits and drama and

You'd probably got a little heart attack while reading this text above because of those freaking bad words. But, does it matter?

That makes me think for a while for being a teenager. I mean.. Yeah. I'm fifteen now. A teenager, right? 
But.. For all the words above that describes what teenagers are, it's not really me, besides that one line I bolded. And only that?
Even not for the "Fall in love and end up getting hurt,". I mean.. umm.. maybe yeah for that getting hurt idea. But not for that fall in love ones. I think that.. I just so really rare and so freakin hard to fall in love again this way out. I dont know. But maybe, I think that fall in love nowadays never happens in a real way in the exact time, exact zone. Cause so far, I think I always end up fall in love after they all do walk away. So? It's too late. and Uh.

So, I've been thinking a lot these days. and one question that stucks in my head like.. Oh. So..
What's a normal teenager anyway? I just have to learn something now.