Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Exam Season Has Finished: Feeling more stressed

Wednesday, June 12, 2013
I got this article while surfing on Internet. Read them on quietly.

Exam season has begun: Feeling stressed?
For most, May means blossoming trees and the first snatches of summer. For students it means long hours, piles of pressure and an impending sense of doom.
I'm no stranger to pre-exam butterflies – or the occasional late-night panic. Having dodged the ammunition rounds of six exam seasons, I feel like a veteran. So for those of you who are feeling a bit worn down and weary, here are my top five tips for staying sane.
1. Worrying about your workload only increases stress hormones, such as cortisol, impairing your concentration and learning abilities. So keep things in perspective. Exams are important, but what's the worst that can happen? If Bill Gates can survive without a degree…
2. Food is your friend and can boost your exam performance. With less of the boozing you can afford to pour more money into your fridge. Stock it with plenty of vegetables, meat and fish – and get some nice complex carbs like brown rice or bread. No harm in the odd motivational chocolate bar either. It's all in aid of revision, right?
3. Give performance enhancers a miss. Smart drugs such as Modafinil or Ritalin will leave you out of pocket and possibly deranged. Plus there'sno guarantee that what you're buying is the real McCoy. If you need to stay awake, coffee is the one.
4. Know how and when you work best. Don't wallop yourself with guilt for sleeping through your alarm. Likewise, if you're a lone wolf, stick to it. If you work better in a group, mobilise the troops early.
5. Perk yourself up by building in the odd night down the pub and taking time to exercise.
Revising 24 hours a day doesn't work. And if you won't take my word for it, Chris Leaman from the mental health charity, Young Minds, gives similar advice: "Exam season is a very tough time but often the best thing to do is take time out and relax – whether that's by calling a friend or going for a walk."
It's not unusual to feel overwhelmed by revision. "When you're immersed in the exam season, you can easily feel like things are spiralling out of control," Chris Leaman tells me. Like many mental health services, Young Minds sees a spike in calls during exam season as students reach out for help.
Stress isn't always a bad thing – small amounts can boost your productivity. But if you are struggling to cope, there's plenty of help available. Charities such as Mind or Young Minds run free telephone helplines, while most universities offer student counselling services. If you'd prefer to read up on coping strategies, you can find plenty of advice online through your university's website.

But now here it is.. Exam season has finished!
After like a week sitting on a wobbly wood desk coloring in a multiple choice bubbles for hours, I finally tip-toe to the front and hand in my last exam (it lasted Tuesday, June 11th.) Now I probably can say goodbye for Mathematics, Biology, Chemicals, Physics, and other stuffs that make me depressed a lot lately. 

But there're actually some feelings inside of me. Like:

Feel free after examination. and
Feel dying to wait the result.

I'm so can't bear it. I'm happy that it's all finished. But, I'm so afraid and nervous for the result. After I finished the test, and left the class, I always feel so bad like I might fail the test. And it's actually very depressing. 

I gave the test on 1st of June, and lasted on 11th, and expect the result for this week. The feeling after the exams, is of course quiet happy and free to finish it. And I think we all feel the same way as I am whether attended it well not once it is finished there is some relief. But if sometimes my exams seem to have bad scores. Then I will feel very worried and stressful. As I am afraid to fail the exams and this will be a disaster. As long as I can barely pass the exams, I will be so excited already. And now that's what I wish for.
My case was exactly the opposite I felt so good after giving the test and I remember the easy breezy question only. and was so happy. 
But as the time passed I started getting jittery feelings. Now I dont even remember how the test was. I really wonder I'm stupid to expect a good result. Uhh.
I kept on studying hard since at least five days or two days before my due date of test though I felt improved but still...I'm getting nightmares. Seriously, it's a terrible feeling. 

You know.. I want something even just once in a lifetime.. My teacher will suddenly come to us and says:

Now what should I say a lot in the morning while waiting for the results to come is.......................Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Success!

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