Saturday, February 8, 2014


Saturday, February 8, 2014
February 4th, 2014
I come to the realization in the early hours of the morning. Birds are already singing their song outside, but the sky is still dark. There's a mere glimpse of light somewhere in the east. I roll on the bed, wishing ti go to sleep for at least another hour. That's when I catch the scene in the air. The sweet scent of milk is filling my lungs and I relax on the bed. I smiled involuntarily, stretching and scratching my nails. I pray and grateful for the sixteen years long to be alive in this unbelievable world.
I get up on my elbows, and roll off the bed. I close my eyes, slowly inhaling. I let my body enjoy that sweet scent before I head off to shower, to wash off the night and the morning sleepiness out of my eyes. As I close my eyes and step under the shower, I replace that sweet scent of air with the moldy, brisk scent of water running down my body. I erase my body of all smell, and finally inhale some freshness. I stand in the shower, protected from the world by the walls of the tiny room. I rest my senses, relaxing. 
I switch off the the water and slip out from underneath it, wrapping myself up in a massive towel. And go back to my room to change my clothes to uniform. Yeah, it's not fair that you still have school in your birthday. But,
Good morning,

Well.. Wow, so this is sixteen. Umm..

I guess I just wanted more. Sixteen is supposed to be the age of new beginnings and adventure and love and romance and craziness and passion and stories you'll remember for the rest of your life.
..but, that wasnt sixteen for me. It's the age of innocence mixed with dreams and life. It's supposed to be the YEAR. I expected all of that. It seems like everyone else got it too. Everyone else but me that is.
The first steps, the first stories, into the craziness called life. It's when life begins. Sixteen. The adventure builds up and takes off. Filled with happiness and tears and things you never thought were going to happen actually do happen.
Everyone I see got that, why didnt I?

So I guess..
Happy Birthday to Me, then.

a birthday girl, a fully fledged teenaged,