Thursday, March 30, 2017


Thursday, March 30, 2017
oh hey kids, we're all just the same,
what a shame.

from the sounds i hear late at nights, around the street of the city you'll love;
"my dad died while I won a beauty pageant. i have never been feeling so worthless,"
"i receive no affection from my parents. my dad suffers from ptsd, and i hoped my granny hadn't died. now, as soon as i got home, the sooner i want to leave."
"i have been diagnosed with depression and timeless sadness for three years, and it's not getting better. my dad hung up on me while i broke down."
"my parents got divorce; firstly because my dad cheated unpleasantly gazillion times, he also didn't support my mom's belief."
"i have given up many times, i self-harmed, i told my mom i wanted to kill myself. if it wasn't for my nana, i would've not been here."
"no matter how hard i tried, my dad wanted me to get out of the house, because i didn't satisfy him enough with my gpa."

it's ashamed for everyone who willingly did everything to comply ruthlessness, as if everything they've been built, came with all supports and assistance, only allowed to be ruled by the subjectivity of Mr. Know-It-All.

we're unexceptionally broken, maybe that's why we feel the most connected.
and we agreed on; never will i want to be the parents that my parents are to me.

not hypothetically talking, but;
we are not designed to live alone,
neither to feel alone.

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